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Summer Boat Design

Boats are for using, as well as for looking at. Which is why we design and build boats that demand to be sailed.

As well as being pleasing to the eye, a boat should be functional, a pleasure to sail and, most importantly, getting on and off the water should not be a chore. Being able to get your boat rigged and onto the water with the minimum of hassle means that she is likely to be used more often and enjoyed to the full.

The cost of keeping even a small yacht in a marina has become prohibitably expensive and going for a summer evening sail on a whim can be quite a task. A small boat is handy enough to be able to take the opportunity of enjoying that, spur of the moment, sail. When the desire is to visit some distant location, without the time and uncertainty of a long passage sail, a smaller boat can be hitched to your car and easily taken wherever you wish.

Explore the creeks, rivers, bays and backwaters that only a small boat can reach.



Utilising the best of the old together with the best of the new, modern boat construction methods of epoxy lapstrake plywood or cedar strip are employed to produce beautiful wooden boats that are lighter than their original counterparts and require a minimum of maintenance.

Our hulls are treated with deep penetrating, ultra low viscosity epoxy resin before coating with a high build epoxy primer and finished with a hard wearing top coat. This produces a resilient surface which does not chip in the manner of grp gel coat. We use a micro-porous, breathable varnish on the brightwork which allows the timber to safely 'gas off' in warm weather, reducing the possibility of blistering.

Despite the European Recreational Craft Directive penalising limited production and custom built wooden boats, due consideration has been given to the RCD, including built-in buoyancy being designed into each boat.

Summer Boat Designs are available professionally built or supplied in various stages for DIY construction.

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Boat Design Characteristics

This collection of designs are rooted in the spirit of tradition, inspired by working boats of the past, producing beautiful, practical boats that are fun to sail and stand out from the crowd.

To provide flexibility for sailing crewed, single handed or, when encountering higher wind conditions, many of these designs have the facility to be 'cat' rigged with just a single mainsail and the mast stepped far forward. Changing from one configuration the other is swift and easy.

The traditional lugsail, with well cut sails, is powerful and efficient, yet simple to rig and de-rig, getting your boat from trailer to being under way quickly and easily so that you can make the most of your sailing time.