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Classic Yacht Tender Style For Younger Sailors

Developed from a 7 foot classic yacht tender that was commissioned in the '90s, Owlet is a handy little dinghy for sailing, rowing or sculling and, if you insist, a small outboard motor could be carried.

She has a shapely tumble home and carries a simple and efficient standing lug sail, making an ideal boat for younger traditional sailors or for the more mature potterer.

A pivoting centreboard is fitted, being safer than a dagger board when sailing in shallow waters where sailing over a sand bank is an ever present possibility. The board is ballasted at the tip, making raising and lowering easier via winch. The ballasted board also provides a small amount of additional righting arm when sailing.

She has a fine entry to cut through the water and good shoulders to prevent diving. Her flat sections and her beam provide a stable platform for rowing, sculling, fishing and general playing.

Construction is of epoxy lapstrake 6mm plywood, providing a strong and relatively light weight boat.

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