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A Roomy Lugger For Exploring

Windchime is rooted in the old stalwart, that was once the backbone of any British or European coastal harbour, the clinker built work boat. Before the advent of the internal combustion engine, these boats could be seen under sail and oar, inshore fishing or tending to the needs of the harbour and their big cousins.

Having plenty of volume, she is an ideal family boat for exploring creeks, rivers, for fishing or dinghy cruising.

Windchime can be rigged as a sloop lugger with the jib set from a short bowsprit. For singled handed sailing or in heavier winds, she can be quickly and easily ‘cat rigged’ with the mast stepped forward in place of the bowsprit samson post.

By request, a yawl version is also available.

Having two rowing positions, Windchime can utilise up to two pairs of sweeps, which can be stowed alongside the centreboard case on the bottom boards. A pivoting centreboard makes for easier and safer sailing in shallow waters. The centreboard is also ballasted at the tip, allowing it to be raised and lowered via a winch, to provide an uninterrupted sleeping platform, it also provides a small amount of righting moment when heeling.

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